Let’s call it a year

This was probably the most ever-changing year of my last 10 or 15 ones. And I want to share something before waving it goodbye. It’s about the uncertainty.

The uncertainty scares us because we are not used to deal with the ‘I don’t know what I will be doing tomorrow’ idea. We need predictability in our lives. The sense that we always know what to do, what will happen or what will be our next job. That makes our living easier.

Being all that true, we should recognize the value of the uncertainty as a new travel companion. Although, we felt lost at the beginning. The uncertainty gives us the possibility to explore different ways. And gives us permission to be wrong and start over again.

We should recognize the value of the uncertainty as a new travel companion

Since the path is not built, we need to shape it. We could be explorers in our own life. Suddenly our what if questions become opened doors to different lands. And it is our choice to go beyond these thresholds and see what is there for us. We are able to choose and that’s the present uncertainty could give us if we are courageous enough to accept it.

And of course, dealing with uncertainty requires patience, courage and a bit sense of humor because it’s hard sometimes. Even if you have a clear objective in mind, harder if you don’t. And, although, all of us are complete, resourceful and creative people … We are also humans. We need to allow ourselves to rest and take a deep breath before going back to the fight again if needed. And that’s also OK.

That is the key lesson I’ve learned this year: uncertainty is a source of inspiration and it is fine if you need to stop and reframe things during the journey. We need a good combination of courage and love to ourselves to face the future.

Wayfarer, there is no way. Make your way by going farther.

Antonio Machado.

Thanks 2017 and welcome 2018. Happy New Year.