illusory truth effect / el efecto de la verdad ilusoria

Illusory truth effect

Repeated information is often perceived as more true than new information. This finding is called the illusory truth effect. Repetition influences beliefs about truth. If I told you that people only use 10% of their brain, you would probably believe me if you had heard it before. You’re not alone. Some research suggests that between …

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Strength / Fortalezas


What is a strength? When we think of a positive quality that makes us more effective, we think of things like physical strength or certain mental abilities, such as the ability to solve problems. We’re naturally trained to look at physical or mental abilities that are learned or acquired through education or experience. They tend …

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Truth / La Verdad


Once, Truth and Lie went swimming in a large lake. After a while, Lie came out of the water dressed in beautiful clothes. Truth, on the other hand, remained in the lake, naked and unadorned. When Lie came out of the lake, people admired Lie’s splendid clothes and his beauty. They were drawn to her. …

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Growth mindset / mentalidad de crecimiento

Growth mindset

There is a paradox at the heart of achieving excellence. Many individuals and organizations prioritize performance and achieving high standards, which is undoubtedly important. However, an exclusive focus on performance can lead to a fixed mindset, where individuals become risk-averse and reluctant to step out of their comfort zone. According to Eduardo Briceño in his …

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Confidence / Confianza


Doubts. Fear. Every time uncertainty visits us, there’s a lot going on inside of us. At times, we cover up our fear with a suit of false confidence; other times we get caught up and freeze without responding. Developing confidence is a work in progress for many of us. When we lost it Not everyone …

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Locus de control / locus of control

Locus of control

I was thinking about what to blog about this week after the summer break. It was pouring. It’s a reminder that there are some things in life that we simply cannot control. We can’t stop the rain from falling, just as we can’t control the actions of others or the events that happen around us. …

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Confirmation bias / sesgo de confirmación

Confirmation bias

Confirmation bias is the tendency to seek out information that supports our existing beliefs, thoughts, or values. In other words, we value facts and evidence that prove us right, and dismiss or undervalue relevant evidence that contradicts us. How do you know you know? The earth is flat. Or at least that is what some …

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Empathy / Empatía


Empathy is defined as “the ability to recognize, understand and share the thoughts and feelings of another person”. It helps us work with others, build relationships and, as it shapes our morality, plays an important role in the decision-making process. In general, empathy is necessary to develop positive behaviors that benefit society, individuals, and relationships. …

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