Freedom to choose / Libertad de elegir

Freedom to choose

Viktor Frankl observed that the primary motivation of an individual is to find meaning in life. Even in the most painful and dehumanizing situations, life has potential meaning. While we can’t avoid suffering, we always have the freedom to choose how to deal with it and move forward with renewed purpose. “Everything can be taken …

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when labor becomes talent / talento y no mano de obra

When labor becomes talent

In today’s global economy, the traditional concept of work has undergone a significant transformation. The industrial-age notion of workers as mere cogs in a machine is giving way to a new paradigm in which labor is increasingly viewed as talent. This shift is being driven by several interrelated factors and has far-reaching implications for organizations …

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Zero-sum game / Juego de suma cero

A zero-sum game

Work-life balance is a term that has become ubiquitous in modern society. It represents the delicate equilibrium we try to achieve between our professional careers and our personal lives. Unfortunately, the prevailing notion is that success in one area requires sacrifice in the other, framing the issue as a zero-sum game. A zero-sum game is …

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Mental models / modelos mentales

Mental models

How do you know you’re right? Do you ever question your thinking on an issue? How often do you stick to thoughts that were formed in a different context, with the information you had at the time? Understanding our mental models is a way of clearing the cobwebs in our mental storeroom and also a …

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Women / Mujeres


Yesterday, March 8, was International Women’s Day. While I think there are still many reasons to mark this date on the calendar, I also think that we, women and men, should work to make it unnecessary. So let me take this opportunity to talk about men and the need to make them part of the …

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creativity / creatividad


Creativity is one of the evolutionary forces. Without it, humanity wouldn’t be able to solve problems or come up with new ideas. Robert Fritz, in his book The Path of least resistance, says, “much of what you learned growing up was what not to do and what to avoid”. That is, people are trained to …

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Abuse of power / abuso de poder

Abuse of power

As I watched The Last of Us, the latest HBO series, I began to think about how leaders abuse power to manage extended crisis and the consequences for their people. Crisis means uncertainty, and uncertainty means fear. No one is sure what to do, but doing something is a must. And then someone takes control …

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Digital leaders / líderes digitales

Digital leaders

Digitalization changes the nature of organizations. It changes business dynamics, work requirements and needed skills. A more democratic access to information may cause hierarchy and silos to break, and blur functions and organizational boundaries. Leaders need to change. They need to become digital leaders. Talking of leadership in digitalization is talking of change management. Besides …

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Assumptions / Suposiciones


And two years ago, COVID-19 came to change everything. Or that’s what it seems. In my opinion, this pandemic only has accelerated things that were already happening. But, anyway, leaders need to rethink their managerial assumptions to adapt to a new era. Digital transformation We’ve been talking about digital transformation for years but going through …

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