Lideres del futuro

The future of leadership

Leadership has been studied for more than a century now and the approach to the topic experimented many changes. Under this light we could think that leaders in next decades will need to be different from leaders today. That’s why today I talk about the future of leadership The context We are immersed in a …

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Making changes

Making changes

When she called me, I thought she just wanted to have a coffee and a nice talk. No surprise, we have been friends for 20 years now. But, this time, she was making changes and wanted some advice. My friend was just been promoted, among her peers, just after her boss retired. They, she and …

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Creating value

Creating value

‘You won’t get paid for how hard you work; you’ll get paid for how hard is replacing you’. Many years ago and by saying this, a clever friend explained to me how worthy companies do business: it is all about creating value. Creating value is like one of those infinite loops tech people use to …

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Christmas tale

A Christmas tale

Tomorrow is Christmas day. Maybe Santa come with a surprise or, you are maybe gathering around with some of your loved ones. Seems to be a good time to tell a story. This is the tale of two women who live in a big city of a big country, not very far away from where …

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Game changers

Game changers

Let’s be honest. We human beings hate uncertainty with our heart. We’d rather prefer to live in a non-ever-changing place, even if sometimes it could be a little boring. But if this year 2020 is teaching us something, it is this: more than ever, we live in a world full of non-expected changes, and we …

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Evolving is adapting to survive in the long term. If we also manage to do it in less time than the rest, we will not only survive but also benefit from the new situation and play with advantage. What we are able to do with that advantage depends on our vision, ability and attitude. This …

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