Short-term view

The short-term view

Being able to balance the short-term and long-term views is key for a leader. When chaos reigns and complexity is unmanageable, balance between a short-term stability and a long-term viability is tricky. When the business is going well, focusing on the long-term view is pretty easy. We feel we don’t need to care a lot …

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Work smarter

Working smarter

There are a few truths in life. In fact, as I tell many times to my students, the answer for almost every question is: it depends, meaning there’s almost anything to be considered black or white. But the fact that we all have 24 hours a day to invest, spend or waste is one of …

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We should say no more often

We should say no more often

Saying ‘no’ is an art. At least is what I’ve been told many times. Well, I’d say that saying ‘no’ is more a matter of courage. How many times you finally say yes when you really want to say no? Even under pressure we should say no more often.