How I go with you

Make the things happen by developing your leadership.
If you manage a business, you lead a team or you are a professional who is facing new challenges every day, you need to be more effective and skillful.
I accompany you in your transformation.
Let’s talk and see what you need and let’s get to work!


Do you need to improve your leadership? Maybe create a high performing team?

Does your team need to evolve to be responsive to change and face new challenges?


Evolution is a continuous learning process. Having skills that help you achieve your goals is key. What is the next field in which you need to be trained?



Are you planning a day to meet your team and want to have a speaker to break the ice?

Do you have an important challenge ahead and you need a motivating talk to encourage your team?


My development programs are intended for executives and teams who need to be more resourceful to face challenges.

The design of each program is unique, fully adapted to your needs and those of your team. Neither two leaders nor two teams are the same and therefore, first I define with you what the objective of the process is and design the program to ensure you achieve what you need.

I use different questionnaires and leadership assessment tools (such as The Leadership Circle®), high-impact coaching, team coaching and mentoring techniques. You can also enjoy different training sessions on specific topics such as leadership, change management and communication, for example.

I work in Spanish and English, in person and online, to fully adapt the program to your availability and location.

My goal is your process to have the maximum possible impact in the shortest time, so that you start to navigate the change efficiently.


I give in-company trainings, face-to-face and online courses, on different topics: change management, high-impact communication and leadership.

Although my courses have been designed to cover a general purpose,  I always adapt the contents to what you or your team need specifically to work on; developing the practical cases and exercises for your reality, so that the learning is applicable and easier to incorporate.

You will learn from experience, not from theory, for which it is essential to have the active participation of all attendees. This experiential learning allows the assimilation of content and its implementation, once you return to the office.

I am specialized in training multidisciplinary and multicultural teams, in Spanish and English.


I love sharing what I have learned on different topics and provoking my audience to think and question and, perhaps, change.

These talks are designed to motivate, energize and as an ice breaking in team meetings and, like everything I do, they will be especially designed for you: face-to-face or virtual, in Spanish and English.

Think about what would it be like to be able to frame the work day from a different, inspiring and motivating place that creates the emotional field you need.