Zero-sum game / Juego de suma cero

A zero-sum game

Work-life balance is a term that has become ubiquitous in modern society. It represents the delicate equilibrium we try to achieve between our professional careers and our personal lives. Unfortunately, the prevailing notion is that success in one area requires sacrifice in the other, framing the issue as a zero-sum game. A zero-sum game is …

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Locus de control / locus of control

Locus of control

I was thinking about what to blog about this week after the summer break. It was pouring. It’s a reminder that there are some things in life that we simply cannot control. We can’t stop the rain from falling, just as we can’t control the actions of others or the events that happen around us. …

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Confirmation bias / sesgo de confirmación

Confirmation bias

Confirmation bias is the tendency to seek out information that supports our existing beliefs, thoughts, or values. In other words, we value facts and evidence that prove us right, and dismiss or undervalue relevant evidence that contradicts us. How do you know you know? The earth is flat. Or at least that is what some …

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Consciousness, compassion and consistency / Consciencia, compasión y consistencia.

Consciousness, compassion and consistency

In working with my clients, I’ve realized more than ever that there are three main pillars to developing successful leadership behavior: consciousness, compassion, and consistency. Every other leadership skill we can think of can be built on these three pillars. Consciousness: the power of self-awareness At the heart of Consciousness is self-awareness, the foundation upon …

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Lifelong learning / Aprendizaje permanente

Lifelong learning

Education has never been more important. Unlike in the past, learning has become a lifelong process. It doesn’t end when we leave school. Over the last fifty years, the concept of learning has evolved. Learning can no longer be divided into a time and place to acquire knowledge and a time and place to apply …

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Mental models / modelos mentales

Mental models

How do you know you’re right? Do you ever question your thinking on an issue? How often do you stick to thoughts that were formed in a different context, with the information you had at the time? Understanding our mental models is a way of clearing the cobwebs in our mental storeroom and also a …

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Undiscussables / Lo que no se discute


I could have titled this post “Undiscussables, or why we don’t talk about the elephant in the room”, but it was too long. There are certain things that teams don’t discuss. Sometimes this is to avoid short-term conflict, sometimes because the topic itself is embarrassing, and sometimes because it would require decisions that no one …

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High performing teams / Equipos de alto rendimiento

High performing teams

This year I started teaching a new course at the university. It was aimed to the third-year students with the intention to teach them basic abilities to work in group and develop good communication skills. We briefed them to develop a complex project in groups, formerly defined, and gave them almost five months to complete …

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