About me

Leadership and high performing teams development and change management are my main working areas.

I put at your disposal all my experience in the business world and change processes.

How can I help you?

Dánae Cortés - Executive development. Leadership development.

My story

Being passionate about technology, I graduated in Telecommunications Engineering in Madrid. After almost 20 years in the industry and throughout a fairly successful professional career, I realized that technology was not exactly what I like the most. I like people a lot more.

In my time in the world of multinationals, I get my certification in Executive and Teams coaching and began to work with people from another point of view. And, above all, I realized I needed to do things differently. My own change started.

The person I am today has probably nothing to do with who I was when I graduated from college. That is why I know that any development process is a journey. I am still on it, now also accompanying people who decide to undertake it. This gives me a sense of purpose that makes me move forward.

My approach

I want you to achieve your goals at the right speed for you to achieve them.
We will work from where you are: you know what your situation is and what you need. My job is to make it easy for you to ask the right questions and help you craft your answers. The responsibility to move forward and the commitment must be yours.
I put at your disposal my experience in multinational environments, the vision to address change processes and an effective methodology to work on your development from different fronts. Using high impact coaching techniques, mentoring and training in specific concepts of leadership, team management and change, I can help you.

Dánae Cortés - Executive development. Leadership development.
Dánae Cortés - Executive development. Leadership development.

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