Difficult situations / Situaciones difíciles

Difficult situations

After releasing my post last week, I received some feedback, which I really appreciate. It seems easier to have a love-centred mindset when things go well. But, and here goes the issue, a leader must sometimes face difficult situations such as firing people or communicate tough decisions. How does love work in these moments? Is …

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Impact of love / impacto del amor

Impact of love

Thinking about how to start this new year in the blog, I’d want to bring something that many people consider far away from business. We don’t usually talk much about love in our professional lives. At least as far as collective thinking is concerned, love is something belonging to a more intimate circle. That’s why …

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Commitment / Compromiso


Tomorrow, it will be a year since I started this blog. Maybe because of this, I feel like talking about commitment and how it shapes our relationships. Meeting you here every week is not easy. It requires time and effort. When things go smooth, and I have fewer things on my plate, I can plan, …

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Inteligencia contextual / Contextual intelligence

Contextual intelligence

Some managerial knowledge is universal, and some is specific to a context, a market or a culture. When I teach my students about leadership and management, they learn soon that the answer to almost all questions on the topic is “it depends on”. A good leader must read the context and circumstances before making decisions. …

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Critical thinking

Critical thinking

According to the World Economic Forum, one of the most demanded skills for leaders is critical thinking. I’ve already written about the VUCA world we’re living in is; and how important it is for a leader to be flexible and able to understand the context and make decisions. Critical thinking is about being able to …

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Building presence

Building presence

Last week I attended a great on-line event hosted by Mark Bowden; he is an expert in body language and communication techniques. For an hour, he explained how you can building presence when participating in an on-line event. It was truly insightful and amusing in equal measure. These tips to go on-line are great whether …

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We should say no more often

We should say no more often

Saying ‘no’ is an art. At least is what I’ve been told many times. Well, I’d say that saying ‘no’ is more a matter of courage. How many times you finally say yes when you really want to say no? Even under pressure we should say no more often.

Let them work!

In the late 90s I got my first job and it was in an amazing place. Incredible for what I learned, for how much fun I had and also for such hard experience it was. I joined the Information Systems unit at Telefónica’s Research and Development company. Insiders and many outsiders called it the Computer …

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