Employees' commitment / Compromiso empleados

Employees’ commitment

In today’s competitive business landscape, where talent is a scarce resource, organizations recognize the significance of fostering employee commitment to achieve sustainable success. Leadership style plays a central role in shaping employees’ commitment levels. A leader’s approach, behaviors, and interactions directly impact how employees perceive their work environment and their willingness to invest their efforts. …

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Seguridad psicológica / Psychological safety

Psychological safety

Picture this. You’re in an important meeting. Your team has an urgent problem on the table. There are a couple of people hogging the conversation because there are “the experts”. But you have an idea that could solve the issue. Nevertheless, you remain silent because the last time you dare to talk, they simply dismissed …

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Internal barriers / Barreras internas

Internal barriers

It’s been a long time since I wrote about women in leadership, but today I want to talk about women’s internal barriers and biases. And how they can prevent their access to leadership roles. Much is said about the number of women in top management positions, and it’s well-known the efforts of many governments and …

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Focus / Foco


In 2019, Daniel Goleman wrote an article at HBR about how having focus and direct attention is the primary task for a leader. It is not only about getting distractions out of the way, but being aware of these three layers of reality (self, others, and the world), and the information we can get from …

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Learning something new / Aprender algo nuevo

Learning something new

Right on the new year’s edge, it’s maybe the time to think of learning something new. The process of learning brings along many other things than knowing about a topic. It comes with the possibility of improving your self-knowledge. If you’re a leader, understanding how you learn in the first place makes it easy developing …

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Negocios como nunca / Business as unusual

Business as unusual

There were good old days when businesspeople can talk about doing business as usual. Today, they are lucky who can still do business: business as unusual, though. As a consequence of the pace of changes and complexity, there are few, if any, who can say they could still operate the same way, only making some …

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El largo plazo

The long run

Being a successful leader today is, among other things, a matter of endurance. Surrounded by uncertainty, what can make the difference is to focus on the long run. A time ago, I used to go running. Running practice has interesting effects over body and mind: from the first time of suffering, completely out of shape …

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Narrative bias

Narrative bias

Back from holidays, I first want to welcome you back to this weekly blog. I hope you had a chance to recharge, both physically and mentally. I did. That’s why I chose to come back with a hard and yet actual topic: narrative bias. Here we go! To warm up, let me show you an …

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Because you can

Because you can

The world is looking at Tokyo, immersed in the Olympic Games, wondering who the best in each category will be. Sports in general, and the Olympics in particular, talk about effort, competition, resilience and teamwork. And at times, about the pleasure of doing things only because you can, setting a vision for the future and …

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Critical thinking

Critical thinking

According to the World Economic Forum, one of the most demanded skills for leaders is critical thinking. I’ve already written about the VUCA world we’re living in is; and how important it is for a leader to be flexible and able to understand the context and make decisions. Critical thinking is about being able to …

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