Make things happen by developing your leadership.
If you manage a business, you lead a team or you are a professional who is facing new challenges every day, you need to be more effective and skillful.
I go with you in your development.
Let’s talk and see what you need and let’s get to work!

How I go with you

We can work in different ways depending on what you need or what your team needs.


Do you need to improve your leadership? Maybe create a high performing team?

Does your team need to evolve to be responsive to change and face new challenges?


Evolution is a continuous learning process. Having skills that help you achieve your goals is key. What is the next field in which you need to be trained?



Are you planning a day to meet your team and want to have a speaker to break the ice?

Do you have an important challenge ahead and you need a motivating talk to encourage your team?

My approach

I want you to achieve your goals at the right speed for you to achieve them.
We will work from where you are: you know what your situation is and what you need. My job is to make it easy for you to ask the right questions and help you craft your answers. The responsibility to move forward and the commitment must be yours.
I put at your disposal my experience in multinational environments, the vision to address change processes and an effective methodology to work on your development from different fronts. Using high impact coaching techniques, mentoring and training in specific concepts of leadership, team management and change, I can help you.
“Now the general who wins a battle makes many calculations in his temple ere the battle is fought. [..] Thus do many calculations lead to victory.”                   – The art of war. Sun Tzu.
Let me help you.

What they say about me

Here you can find what some people I worked with say about me

“Dánae has an unmatchable combination of coaching techniques, wide knowledge across many fields and personal reading. ”                          


Fuencisla Merino

Product Director. Ooredoo Qatar

“She can read you and connect like no one else, making the process easy.

Talking about my process, she managed to do magic and guide me in the transformation towards a better self. I will always appreciate it.

Sandra Fernández Curias

Head of Scouting & Innovation. Telefónica Tech.

“When I began to consider where I wanted my career to go, Dánae helped me set my goals clearly and make the right decisions. Without their help I would still be stuck in another professional and personal moment.”

Luis Uribe Meyer

Chief Enterprise Architect. BCG Platinion

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