Teamwork / trabajo en equipo


When you see real teamwork in action, you never forget it. Last Saturday, I went to a restaurant without a reservation. It was Saturday night, and it was packed. They put us on the wooden bar, right in front of the open kitchen. There were four cooks working in there, along with the service manager, …

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This is water / esto es agua

This is water

David Foster Wallace called his commencement speech at Kenyon College, “This is water”. He began with a short story about two young fish swimming in the ocean who met an older fish swimming in the opposite direction. This fish nodded at them and said, “Morning, boys. How’s the water?” And the two young fish looked …

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illusory truth effect / el efecto de la verdad ilusoria

Illusory truth effect

Repeated information is often perceived as more true than new information. This finding is called the illusory truth effect. Repetition influences beliefs about truth. If I told you that people only use 10% of their brain, you would probably believe me if you had heard it before. You’re not alone. Some research suggests that between …

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Imperturbability, equanimity, or tranquility. We can use all of these as synonyms for ataraxia. It’s the state of calmness that is not disturbed by mental or emotional events. It’s freedom from anxiety and worry. Imagine drops of water landing on a lotus leaf and sliding down and away. The drop doesn’t stay. It makes its …

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Strength / Fortalezas


What is a strength? When we think of a positive quality that makes us more effective, we think of things like physical strength or certain mental abilities, such as the ability to solve problems. We’re naturally trained to look at physical or mental abilities that are learned or acquired through education or experience. They tend …

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Mr. Scrooge / Sr. Scrooge

Mr. Scrooge

Once upon a time, on a cold Christmas Eve, Mr. Scrooge was sitting in his counting house, watching his clerk in the cell beyond. Suddenly, a cheerful voice cried Merry Christmas, Uncle! The bearer of this voice was a bright-eyed and handsome fellow, Mr. Scrooge’s nephew. Merry Christmas! What right have you to be merry? …

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Freedom to choose / Libertad de elegir

Freedom to choose

Viktor Frankl observed that the primary motivation of an individual is to find meaning in life. Even in the most painful and dehumanizing situations, life has potential meaning. While we can’t avoid suffering, we always have the freedom to choose how to deal with it and move forward with renewed purpose. “Everything can be taken …

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Entitled to our opinions / Derecho a opinar

Entitled to our opinions

Are we entitled to our opinions? This is a controversial topic. If everyone is entitled to an opinion, are all opinions equally valid in all contexts? Ideally, opinions should be based on facts. And yet, humans have a limited capacity to gather information from reality. What facts should we consider? How do we know what …

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