All or nothing

All or nothing

One day, a maths teacher wrote the table of 9 on the white board as below: 1 X 9=9 6 X 9=54 2 X 9=18 7 X 9=63 3 X 9=27 8 X 9=72 4 X 9=36 9 X 9=81 5 X 9=45 10 X 9=80 Table of 9 written by the teacher As soon …

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Self-managing teams

Self-organizing teams

Self-organizing teams is a trend now on the world. Companies here and there have realized the power of improving teamwork, collaboration and accountability among their people. But just by empowering the employees, it doesn’t mean we can have a successful self-organizing team. This requires changes on leadership and management, on employees’ mindset, and, therefore, on …

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Lideres del futuro

The future of leadership

Leadership has been studied for more than a century now and the approach to the topic experimented many changes. Under this light we could think that leaders in next decades will need to be different from leaders today. That’s why today I talk about the future of leadership The context We are immersed in a …

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Control vs. Confidence

Control vs. Confidence

Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the most common fight in the world. Coming from the very core of human beings and place of many needs; weighing more than we can tell, the Control. His opponent this day, coming from the growth and the conscience, land of self-development, the lightweight Confidence. Let the fight, Control vs. …

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Why are you reading this? Maybe this article got your attention because of its title? Maybe you know me and thought ‘let’s see what she is talking about today’. Or maybe you just followed the blog and found it in your email. No matter the reason, you have one (or more than one). And motivation …

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Game changers

Game changers

Let’s be honest. We human beings hate uncertainty with our heart. We’d rather prefer to live in a non-ever-changing place, even if sometimes it could be a little boring. But if this year 2020 is teaching us something, it is this: more than ever, we live in a world full of non-expected changes, and we …

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Evolving is adapting to survive in the long term. If we also manage to do it in less time than the rest, we will not only survive but also benefit from the new situation and play with advantage. What we are able to do with that advantage depends on our vision, ability and attitude. This …

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