Leadership is a complicated subject, inspiring thousands of books, articles, and presentations. Usually we explore all the positive attributes of what is commonly considered the archetypal good leader. What do you think if we also look at that antagonist, who would represent everything unwanted for a professional leader? I recently had in my hands an …

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Yesterday, I met a woman I admire. Beside other things because she is unconventional in her way of thinking or doing. Passion and curiosity move her and it is a privilege to be with someone whose eyes shine when she talks about what she does. And why she does it. The dream was there without …

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women in leadership

Women’s things

On the 25th, the result of BEX 2018, was presented, the first barometer of employee experience for Spanish companies. A pulse on how employees perceive and feel what is happening in their companies. Not all the big companies are there (any telco company has participated — maybe it is because my professional point of view-). …

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Let’s call it a year

This was probably the most ever-changing year of my last 10 or 15 ones. And I want to share something before waving it goodbye. It’s about the uncertainty. The uncertainty scares us because we are not used to deal with the ‘I don’t know what I will be doing tomorrow’ idea. We need predictability in …

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