Caminos de knowmad. Episodio 12. Dánae Cortés

Caminos de Knowmad – Communication

This is my second chapter in this podcast, Caminos de Knowmad – Communication. How to get to be better understood (in Spanish).

I don’t want this to be a manual, you can actually find millions of them. It’s more a bunch of clues, things that you can easily put into practice, that may make your communication way more effective.

If you’re interested in the topic, you can find more here.

Caminos de Knowmad is a podcast created by Virginia Cabrera and Alex de Fuenmayor. After knowing about the project more people joined: Cristina Hombrados, Juan Martínez de Salinas, Roberto García and me.

Our journey working as freelancers – as knowmads – has come with much knowledge, and learnings we want to share. We are different people with different experiences and different views; so will be this podcast. This diversity in topics and perspectives is what make it worth listening to. We all want to share what we know, so you can have new ideas, get some information or just have a nice time listening to our experiences.

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See you soon! We’ll meet over the networks!