This time of the year / Esta época del año

This time of the year

This time of the year. It’s a time to look back, and a time to look forward. Time to acknowledge things that made us happy, and also to reconsider others that should be changed. Above all, it’s time to say thank you, and be close to those we love.

For many of us, this time of the year is a time to either give or receive gifts. In my experience, the most precious gifts are not physical items, but those implying time or interest. Maybe a call in an appropriate moment or some unexpected quality time work better than the most expensive present.

In this sense, I have a proposition for you in the form of a question. I want you to take a moment and indulge yourself. Find a place where you’re comfy and relaxed.  Perhaps it’s lying on your sofa with a blanket; perhaps it’s walking enjoying the Christmas lights. Somewhere you can have a good quality time with you.

What do I want for me next year?

This is my question for you. It’s not about thinking of your new year resolutions and making a list. It’s about connecting to your deepest wishes, your purpose. Things that move your needle in the long term.

Let your mind wander, explore, discover. Give yourself the time to dream; to find what you really want for you next year.  

I’ve had some time to think about this question myself. I enjoyed the feeling of having time alone, relaxed and disconnected from the rush of the last two weeks. It was a true gift. That’s why I’d want to give it to you.

This time of the year, with everyone immerses in the rush of Christmas and, sadly again, in a new COVID wave, I’d want to invite you to have this time off and enjoy it.  

Happy Christmas

Christmas card: happy 2022
Tarjeta de felicitación: feliz 2022
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