Learning something new / Aprender algo nuevo

Learning something new

Right on the new year’s edge, it’s maybe the time to think of learning something new. The process of learning brings along many other things than knowing about a topic. It comes with the possibility of improving your self-knowledge. If you’re a leader, understanding how you learn in the first place makes it easy developing …

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Abundance mindset / Mentalidad de abundancia

Abundance mindset

It was Stephen Covey the first one talking about an abundance mindset and its opponent, a scarcity mindset, and the effects on self-leadership. To frame the topic, I can summarize an abundance mindset in a sentence: I win, you win. An abundance mindset means being open up to possibilities, and, in this sense, thinking that …

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Inteligencia contextual / Contextual intelligence

Contextual intelligence

Some managerial knowledge is universal, and some is specific to a context, a market or a culture. When I teach my students about leadership and management, they learn soon that the answer to almost all questions on the topic is “it depends on”. A good leader must read the context and circumstances before making decisions. …

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Emotional management

Emotional management

In the business world, how people manage themselves emotionally is of great importance, even more than many skills or talents. Not managed emotions, either good or bad, can hijack intelligence and lead into poor decisions. That’s why leaders should devote sometime to develop good emotional management skills. Self-knowledge A good emotional management ability starts with …

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Good feedback

Good feedback

Last week, I recorded a new podcast’s episode talking about feedback. The topic is interesting enough to devote also some lines here. Giving good feedback is an important skill for a leader to have, and yet one of the most difficult abilities to master. Feedback is the corner stone to develop others: providing them with …

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Narrative bias

Narrative bias

Back from holidays, I first want to welcome you back to this weekly blog. I hope you had a chance to recharge, both physically and mentally. I did. That’s why I chose to come back with a hard and yet actual topic: narrative bias. Here we go! To warm up, let me show you an …

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The four horsemen

The four horsemen

According to Patrick Lencioni, in his book “The five dysfunctions of a team”, the pillar to build a high performing team is trust. Without trust, we cannot go further in enhancing performance and results. In this trust building process, communication is key; therefore, talking about some communication patterns, that can make it difficult, makes sense. …

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“I think being funny is not anyone’s first choice”. Probably Woody Allen is right. Changing a bit the context (he was talking about his occupation) and considering life, I wonder why humour shouldn’t be our first choice. Humour has positive effects on our mental health, and it is known that people with a high sense …

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Work smarter

Working smarter

There are a few truths in life. In fact, as I tell many times to my students, the answer for almost every question is: it depends, meaning there’s almost anything to be considered black or white. But the fact that we all have 24 hours a day to invest, spend or waste is one of …

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